About festival

About the Festival
The Old Town Festival - Jakuby, is now one of the most attractive cultural and entertaining events in the region. We organize the Festival in the historical area of Przedmieście Nyskie in Zgorzelec, on each last weekend of August.

The atmosphere of our event moves back to the times when Przedmieście Nyskie - which is historically the oldest part of our city and today functions as the Old Town of Zgorzelec - was the place, where Jacob Böhme, the most well-known shoemaker and philosopher, lived and worked. Jakuby is an encounter with history, but also with dancing, music, theatre and craft.

The old town fair Jakuby changes the charming Przedmieście Nyskie, filling this small fragment of the city with music, theatre, dancing and history. At the Old Town Bridge, which joins the Polish and German banks of Nysa Łużycka, there are various products presented by handicraftsmen, whereas in the shade of trees, in small meadows of Bulwar Grecki, Knights Brotherhoods and historical reenactment groups are camping.

The impetus for organizing a city fair was triggered by rebuilding of the Old Town Bridge, which had been destroyed in May of 1945, and which joins Przedmieście Nyskie in Zgorzelec with the Old Town in Görlitz, where traditionally at the same time, there is also a Festival held, called  Altstadtfest.
Nowadays, Jakuby  is a historical, artistic and trade fair that has an interesting program, with something for everyone in it. Historical shows and workshops, street artists' performances, performances for children - these are all attractions intended for entertainment, and it's also a good opportunity to enhance the knowledge about the past years, culture and society. The Festival is highly valued by exhibitors, artists, and above all - tens of thousands of guests from Poland and abroad, who visit the event in Zgorzelec every year. The number of both Polish and foreign visitors is increasing with each following year.
guests – citizens and tourists

Altstadtfest Görlitz

The last weekend of August is a time of entertainment and celebrating, also on the German bank of Nysa Łużycka, in the neighbouring city of Görlitz. Their Old Town celebration - Altstadtfest - is one of the greatest and most important cultural events in Saxony. It's an event that is much older than Jakuby in Zgorzelec, with more than 20-year old tradition.  Each year it is visited by more than 110 000 guests - citizens and tourists, which may take for themselves whatever they like best, from the offered forms and styles of the August Festival.  Some of them will be attracted by the atmosphere of a historical fair that is full of stands with ancient crafts and traditional meals, sincere laughter caused by street jugglers' performances, and the sound of folk and ethno music. Others will choose the "beach" hidden in the alley and hot, Brazilian rhythms, whereas others will finally choose a feast with a glass of beer and modern sounds. All of this takes place in and in the close area of ancient market squares of the city of Görlitz - the Old Town Lower Square and the Upper Square, which is slightly younger.


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